As long as seven years after getting a 12-week course of Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, new research has found that young people at very high risk of developing schizophrenia were much less likely than those who did not get the supplements to develop full-blown psychosis, or to manifest a range of psychiatric disorders that commonly afflict such young adults. The research is the first to document rigorously the impact of fish oil supplements as a means of preventing severe psychiatric disease.


New moms work within weeks

Nearly a quarter of U.S. mothers return to work within two weeks of giving birth, said a report from In These Times, which analyzed data from the Department of Labor and collected stories from mothers who kept working through pain and grief. Less educated workers appeared to have it much worse: Eighty percent of college graduates took at least six weeks off to care for a new baby, and only 54 percent of women without degrees did so.

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