Charlie Sheen may no longer be TV's highest-paid actor or regular fodder for the tabloids. But he remains a fascinating player in the pop-culture world. At least that's what organizers for the Wizard World Comic Con are betting on by inviting Sheen to join "Doctor Who" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" veterans as a guest Saturday and Sunday at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Sheen, 51, who was famously booted from "Two and a Half Men" in 2011 and revealed he was HIV positive four years later, chatted with us Tuesday from his Los Angeles home.

Q: Have you ever done one of these conventions before?

A: I have not. I figured it's a new experience, so why not? I've only heard great things about these events.

Q: You're not really associated with comic-book movies or sci-fi.

A: Not really. I did a film back in '95 called "The Arrival" in Mexico City about an alien invasion. It was a little ahead of its time. I also did a terrible film in '85 called "The Wraith." The cast was great and the director was a lovely man, but to this day I still can't figure out the plot. But it's become somewhat of a cult favorite. People bring it up almost as much as "Men at Work."

Q: Which of your projects do you think fans will most likely bring up during the convention?

A: It'll probably be a mash-up of "Two and a Half Men" and 'Hot Shots!' Maybe "Major League." It's hard to predict. I'll open up a piece of fan mail and it'll be a cover for me to sign of a DVD for a film I had forgotten.

Q: I wonder if there's a place for you in the current comic-book film world. Would you be interested in that?

A: I would jump at anything they would offer. It kind of blows my mind when actors walk away from those franchises. I can tell you that years ago, when I had an office at Orion Pictures, I brought them Spider-Man and said, 'I'm about a year away from being too old to play Peter Parker.' They said, "We don't really see a future in comic books." That was in 1987. I don't think there's room for me on any of the teams right now, but I think I'd make a great villain.

Q: I can see you taking on Iron Man.

A: Robert Downey and I went to high school together! It'd be amazing. That would be incredible.

Q: Do you have any particular ties to the Twin Cities?

A: I was there for the Twins' world championships in both 1987 and 1991. I saw the Kirby Puckett catch and walk-off homer, and Jack Morris's masterpiece. The only thing that comes close to those games was Game 7 last year. I was rooting for Cleveland, of course. I don't get to ball games very often, but the ones I've been to have been pretty special.

Q: How's your health?

A: It's really good. I'm taking PRO 140, part of this FDA study. It's one shot a week with no side effects. The FDA has never seen anything like it. It's a miracle that fell out of the sky.

Q: I'm not sure where you are in your relationship with your former TV boss, Chuck Lorre. Any chance you two will ever work together again?

A: I screwed that up and I continue to screw it up. Honestly, I think what they should do is do what "Sex and the City" and "The X-Files" did and do a movie. I think it would bookend things nicely. It may be a masterpiece or a mess, but we won't know until we do it.

For more information on the event and tickets, check the Wizard World website.