Bob Buresh had many adventures in the bone-beds of Alberta and Montana, digging for dinosaurs. In 2002, much to his surprise, he finally discovered one. It's pretty rare to actually find a complete skeleton.  It was a juvenile Brochylophosaurus, already 25 feet long at about 2 years of age. The skeleton is on display at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta, Montana. Bob had a Ph.D. in Educational Administration and worked as an educator most of his life, but digging for dino's was his real passion. His wife, Reggie, accompanied him on many digs, and their home was filled with fossils, posters and pictures of life in the dinosaur era. Their two daughters and their families listened to all the stories over the years and the grandchildren enjoyed playing with the dino models and hearing the tales. Bob died after a lenthy illness from ALS and Alzheimer's. He wondered if there were dinosaurs in "the great beyond," and he was assured that there were. We like to think that he found them and they're all enjoying new adventures together.