With this Sunday's paper being eight days from the trade deadline and the fact that the last time I did something like this, fans were up in arms due to the Wild losing every night, I figured now would be a great time to do another Sunday Insider Russo's Rants Q and A.

Here's your shot to ask a question that may be answered in my Sunday column.

Here's the deal though: They have to be quick, easy-to-answer questions because space is at a premium in the newspaper and I'd like to include as many of your questions as possible.

So fire away, and understand that for space reasons, I may have to edit (trim) your question.

Try not to repeat questions asked by others and please don't use this space to comment on reader questions. This way I can easily snip out the questions I'll answer in my Sunday Insider.

You have until Friday early afternoon.

Thanks and talk to you after Friday's morning skates.