You should have seen Marcus Fuller's face a few weeks ago when the subject of the Strib's annual hand-drawn "bracket picks" page came up. His expression wasn't "scared" or "stupid idea," it was more like: "You don't want me doin' that."

Marcus' scribbles on his notepad look like hurried baseball players' autographs. Ys somehow look like Rs. It's really something. This being Marcus' first year with us on the beat, he carefully made sure a few weeks back that it was time for a new direction with the NCAA picks (and the results were in your Tuesday paper).

So: Rest in peace, hand-drawn NCAA tournament picks page ... in print, at least.

Amelia Rayno, once the nation's best drawer of bracket picks, stopped by for a few minutes Monday. We asked her if, just for old time's sake, she'd break out the pencils and markers. Our old college basketball writer couldn't resist; you can see the results on the blog.