The free ride is over on the Green Line. After a preview weekend that saw more than 75,000 riders try out the new 11-mile light-rail service between Minneapolis and St. Paul, the lines's real work carrying commuters, shoppers and students begins Monday morning.

No Problems: The 11-mile line from Union Station in St. Paul to Target Field in Minneapolis had no accidents or system problems by 7 p.m. Sunday, Metro Transit spokesman John Siqveland said Sunday night.

Fare box opens Monday: Starting Monday, riders will pay $2.25 during weekday rush hours and $1.75 during nonpeak periods. The fares will cover some of Metro Transit's operating expenses for the line, which cost $957 million to build. The three-car trains take about 48 minutes to run from Minneapolis to St. Paul. Each car ­carries up to 200 riders.

Stay tuned: Follow the Star Tribune for the latest Green Line reports. Our reporters will travel Monday between the downtowns by Green Line, bus, car and bicycle and write about their rides and how long each mode of transport took.

Jim Adams