Ten Star Tribune staff members gathered after work (or during work for some) on Wednesday for a Virtual Happy Hour in which they compiled a list  of the best sports movies by holding a draft. (Ground rules: Documentaries were ineligible, and, sorry, this wasn't a snake draft.)

1. Megan Ryan, Gophers football writer: "Friday Night Lights" (pictured, above)
2. Brian Stensaas, night web sports editor and golf writer: "Caddyshack"
3. Jerry Zgoda, Loons writer: "Hoosiers"
4. Chris Miller, Twins/Vikings/Wild team leader: "I, Tonya"
5. Ben Goessling, Vikings writer: "The Big Lebowski"
6. Naila-Jean Meyers, senior assistant sports editor: "Bull Durham"
7. Chris Carr, sports editor: "Rocky"
8. La Velle E. Neal, Twins writer: "The Natural"
9. Jeff Day, copy editor: "Field of Dreams"
10. Chris Hine, Timberwolves writer: "Raging Bull"

11. Megan Ryan: "Miracle"
12. Brian Stensaas: "Slap Shot"
13. Jerry Zgoda: "Moneyball"
14. Chris Miller: "Chariots of Fire"
15. Ben Goessling: "Major League"
16. Naila-Jean Meyers: "A League of Their Own"
17. Chris Carr: "Remember the Titans"
18. La Velle E. Neal: "Eight Men Out"
19. Jeff Day: "He Got Game"
20. Chris Hine*: "The Sandlot" and "Rocky IV"
* Hine was given a pity pick because of his poor draft position and because he covers the Timberwolves.

21. Megan Ryan: "Love and Basketball"
22. Brian Stensaas: "Bad News Bears"
23. Jerry Zgoda: "Breaking Away"
24. Chris Miller: "The Hustler"
25. Ben Goessling: "McFarland USA"
26. Naila-Jean Meyers: "Creed"
27. Chris Carr: "The Karate Kid"
28. La Velle E. Neal: "Ali"
29. Jeff Day: "White Men Can't Jump"
30. Chris Hine: "Happy Gilmore"

31. Megan Ryan: "The Cutting Edge"
32. Brian Stensaas: "Tin Cup"
33. Jerry Zgoda: "Heaven Can Wait"
34. Chris Miller: "The Wrestler"
35. Ben Goessling: "The Mighty Ducks"
36. Naila-Jean Meyers: "Jerry Maguire"
37. Chris Carr: "Rounders"
38. La Velle E. Neal: "Trouble With the Curve"
39. Jeff Day: "Million Dollar Baby"
40. Chris Hine*:
*Hine forfeited his fourth-round pick because he got two picks earlier, we wanted to have an even 50 movies and we’re making this up as we go along. (Also, he had to take a phone call.)

41. Megan Ryan: "Radio"
42. Brian Stensaas: "Rudy"
43. Jerry Zgoda: "Youngblood"
44. Chris Miller: "Bend It Like Beckham"
45. Ben Goessling: "The Fighter"
46. Naila-Jean Meyers: "Rush"
47. Chris Carr: "Wildcats"
48. La Velle E. Neal: "Long Gone"
49. Jeff Day: "Varsity Blues"
50. Chris Hine: "Little Giants"

Top undrafted free agents: “42,” “61*,” “Any Given Sunday,” “The Blind Side,” “Blue Chips,” “The Boxer,” “Cinderella Man,” “Cool Runnings,” “D2: The Mighty Ducks,” “Days of Thunder,” “The Damned United,” “Fever Pitch” (2005), “Ford vs. Ferrari,” “Foxcatcher,” “Goon,” “Kingpin,” “The Longest Yard” (1974), “Little Big League,” “Lucas,” “Necessary Roughness,” “The Replacements,” “Rollerball” (1975), “Rookie of the Year,” “Seabiscuit,” “Space Jam,” “Win, Win.”

Here is how the draft played out live, with trash talk, controversy, video clips, enchiladas and more.