Sam Smith meets the press at the end of his big Grammy night

Sam Smith meets the press at the end of his big Grammy night

Grammy leftovers from the print media room backstage and pre-telecast:

When asked what kind of music he likes, Super Bowl-winning Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman hemmed and hawed. “EDM, alternative, classic rock,” he said. Then asked what Patriots coach Bill Belicheck likes, he responded without hesitation: “Bon Jovi.”

Grammy CEO Neil Portnow said he had no idea that Bob Dylan was going to give a long speech on Friday night at MusiCares. He said the Grammys would explore the possibilities of releasing the concert and the speech on DVD but all record labels and artists have to OK it.

Weird Al Yankovic said he would not seek out Prince to ask if he could do a parody of Prince songs. He tried to do that in the 1980s a few times and Prince said “no.” Al said he’d like to hang out with Prince, though. “Maybe we could go bowling or play Parcheesi. I’m up for that.”

Asked if they were upset that “Let It Go” didn’t receive a nomination in song of the year or record of the year category, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, a two-time winner on Sunday for co-writing that song with her husband Robert Lopez, said” “It would seem really douche-y.” Not one to always hold her tongue, she said the working title at first for the now celebrated song was “Elsa’s Bad Ass Song.”

Theo Friesen, 10, son of longtime A&M Records chairman,Gil Friesen, accepted the Grammy for best music film for “20 Feet From Stardom.” Friesen, who died in 2012, produced the film. Theo read his speech, saying his dad had three goals for the project: “1. Have fun. 2. Don’t lose money. And: 3. Win an Oscar. He did all those. This Grammy is special because it comes from the music world, which was close to his heart.”

Rosanne Cash won her first Grammys “since Reagan was president.” That was in 1985. Lisa Fischer also had a long wait between Grammys. Her first was in 1991 for her debut hit “How Can I Ease the Pain,” and she won again Sunday for “20 Feet From Stardom.”

Johnny Winter and Joan Rivers both won their first Grammys on Sunday -- posthumously.

With two trophies on Sunday, Beyonce now has 20, ranking second among women. Alison Krauss has collected 27.

Jazz singer Dianne Reeves explained what winning her fifth Grammy means. “Everyone says four-time Grammy winner – now five – when they introduce you [in concert]. But you still gotta come with it.”

John Waters, the film director with a funny bone, said during the pre-telecast that “I will be lip-syncing the name of every person after I open the envelope.” Maybe he should have. He called Pharrell Williams “Farrell.”