Republican Senate candidates Chris Dahlberg and Mike McFadden emerged from round 8 in the endorsement battle in a virtual tie.

Only three votes separated the leader, St. Louis County Commissioner Chris Dahlberg, from Sunfish Lake businessman Mike McFadden. Needless to say, neither achieved the 60 percent of delegate votes necessary to achieve endorsement. Dahlberg has maintained that he will abide by the party's endorsement, while McFadden said he will run in a primary. On to Round 9.

Here are the results:

Chris Dahlberg: 956 votes, 49.35 percent

Mike McFadden: 953 votes, 49.2 percent

The results come after outgoing Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann formally backed McFadden.

"I believe Mike has the backbone to stand up for us and with your help we can elect a Senator we can be proud of," according to a statement by Bachmann in a flyer handed out by McFadden staffers. "I want to win this race and I want to turn America around. I hope you will join me in supporting Mike McFadden and let's make him our next United States Senator."