The Fourth Congressional District Republican Party filed a complaint with the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board against State Senator Susan Kent (DFL-Woodbury) last week about a debt from Kent's 2012 campaign.  

Jim Carson, the chair of Fourth Congressional District Republican Party, alleges a $35,000 debt to a printer for campaign literature for Kent's campaign "disappeared from the 2013 report without any explanation." 

Carson claims Kent's campaign "either failed to report that a $35,000 payment was made to a vendor in 2013 for a past due amount, or the vendor forgave the debt and the committee failed to report it as an in kind contribution." 

In response to a request for comment last Friday, Kent disputed the allegations made in the complaint filed by Carson. Kent described the confusion over the payment to the printer as a "data entry issue" and added "there are no 'missing' funds" from her campaign committee. 

Kent wrote she would be working with her treasurer to clarify any confusion about the payments to her printer. Below is the complaint filed by Carson with the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.