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CHICAGO -- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday there was no timetable for wrapping up an investigation of an Internet report that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre sent racy text messages and lewd photos to a former New York Jets game hostess.

“We’re just looking for facts now,” Goodell said at the NFL owners meeting. “I am going to deal with it as we get the facts.”
He said he had no plans to meet with Favre, “but if it is something that would help us get to a conclusion and it is warranted, I will do so.”

The investigation, announced last week, centers on a report by the sports website Deadspin that in 2008 Favre, then with the Jets, sent the photos and messages to Jenn Sterger.

Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, declined to say if his client has talked with the NFL. “This is something that allegedly happened two years ago,” Reese said in an e-mail to the Associated Press. “We don’t want a quick resolution, but the proper resolution.”
Favre could be fined or suspended under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. Vikings coach Brad Childress said Tuesday he still has not heard a word from the league about the investigation. "I'm not," Childress said when asked if he was curious about what was going on. "I wouldn't portray it any way.  It's an NFL matter."
Said Goodell: “One of the reasons we instituted the personal conduct policy … to make everyone understand their responsibilities. We’re not going down a line of speculation and hypothetical situations.”
Favre has not responded to questions about the Deadspin report.
Deadspin reported the voicemails include a man asking to meet with Sterger, who now is a TV personality for the Versus network. The website posted a video that contained those messages and several below-the-waist photos—said to be of Favre—that were allegedly sent to Sterger’s cell phone.
Deadspin also reported that Favre pursued two female massage therapists who worked part time for the Jets. The website didn’t identify the women, however the Jets have said they gave contact information about them to the league.
NFL security was at the Jets' facility Monday to interview a handful of employees, including members of the media relations department, two sources told ESPN.