I'm rating the Twins offseason as a C-plus.

Yes, the Twins have the making of a nice bullpen. The Addison Reed signing gives them a solid setup man who can fill in as closer. Zach Duke gives them a crafty lefty. If Fernando Rodney has one more good year in him, the bullpen sets up nicely.

As I've written before, the Twins had to add one starter. And they did in righthander Jake Odorizzi, who's a capable mid-rotation arm.

So why C-plus? The Twins' stated goal during the offseason was to sign a top-tier pitcher. Thad Levine made it be known that they were after Yu Darvish. Paul Molitor repeated those sentiments during the winter meetings.

But they didn't land him.

The window to win is opening for this team, and they know an elite starter is needed. The best way to add depth is to bring in a top shelf arm and push everyone down a notch. And the Twins failed to do so.