PowerBag bags, starting at $140, www.mypowerbag.com

In these days of always-on devices, there's nothing worse than a dead gadget. New bags by PowerBag promise portable charging for multiple devices on the go.

The bags, which will start at $140, come with built-in batteries to charge multiple USB devices. The charging system is light enough not to weigh you down and powerful enough to charge almost any device, including iPhones, tablets, e-readers and Bluetooth devices -- essentially anything powered with a USB cable.

The bags, made by Ful, come in five styles, including messenger bags and backpacks, and each contains 3000 mAh or 6000 mAh batteries. You can connect up to four devices at a time and there are cables included for micro- and mini-USB devices as well as one Apple connector. There is also one USB port for any other USB-powered device.

The system automatically senses which devices are plugged in and will send even amounts of power to each device, ensuring everything gets its fair share of juice.



Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case, $15, www.fisher-price.com

Most toddlers, being the intelligent creatures they are, like to mimic adults. Give them a toy cellphone to play with, and they'll demand yours instead. But who wants to put a mobile device in the hands of a 2-year-old?

To help parents and other wary adults, Fisher-Price created the Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case, designed to hold an iPhone or iTouch securely and protect it from sticky fingers and drooling mouths.

The case, available in October for about $15, is intended for children ages 6 months to 36 months. It's made of durable rubber and comes with easy-to-grip handles for tiny hands. The back pops off with the twist of a key or coin, and once the phone is snuggled inside and the case is shut and locked, it's nearly impossible to open again without some sort of tool.

The touch screen is protected by a clear film, allowing use of the phone and its apps; the volume buttons are inaccessible, however, as are the power and home buttons.

Fisher-Price also created three apps for active little minds. The apps, free at Apple's App Store, provide basic content about identifying parts of the body and making animal sounds.