Simple meeting planning

– Notebooks for Work is essentially a meeting companion that acts like a smart notebook. You start a meeting log that can later be searched by simply entering information like meeting name, time and date. You can make a list of attendees and plan out agenda items ahead of time.

When you're in the meeting, the app acts as a digital notepad. It has handy shortcuts that insert bullet points or time stamps into your notes, and you can add photos. There's a neat action-items system that lets you describe actions to be taken and assign responsibility and due dates.

The app is simple and has some nice touches, like being able to put a password lock on meeting notes. While not the most sophisticated or smartest app ever made, it works well and is unfussy and businesslike in design.

– TimePal


Solve multiple-office meeting headaches

This iOS app is essentially an interactive calendar with a world clock built in. You enter a list of cities where your attendees are, and the app shows you the relevant times, so you can see that an 11 a.m. meeting in London is going to be tiresome for attendees in New York, who'll have to be available at 6 a.m.

You select a time window for the meeting and e-mail your attendees with these time options and a summary of your meeting. It's a simple app, but potentially a very powerful one.


Free for basic; $6.99 for pro

Try this digital task master

Schedule Planner is not a meeting planner but a useful project tool, free for iOS and Android. It is essentially a smart calendar with a graphics-heavy design. You can plan timed tasks and whole days of work by assigning color-coded category titles to your tasks. Graphs can show you how many of the tasks in each category were completed. Schedule Planner does its relatively simple job well, and could help small teams keep on top of their work. The free version of the app is limited, however, and you must pay $6.99 to unlock the full range of features.