Brava oven $995

Perfect gift for fans of Easy-Bake oven

The microwave oven did not revolutionize home cooking. Nor did sous-vide gadgetry.

But now there's a new contender: the Brava oven, a countertop appliance that cooks with what amounts to light bulbs — a system called Pure Light that was originally developed in the solar industry.

Easy-Bake for grown-ups? Perhaps. At a demonstration a few months ago, what was apparent was the ease of use, and for solid results.

The oven can reach 500 degrees in seconds without preheating. What was really impressive was how several ingredients, like proteins and vegetables, can be precisely cooked simultaneously.

This is not an appliance for everyone, but it could be the perfect gift, as pricey as it is, for the kitchen enthusiast who loves to try different methods.


iHome iAV14 $99.99

Alarm/speaker system option for Alexa fans

The iHome iAV14 Alexa Built-in Bedside/Home Office Speaker System is a bedside alarm clock with Alexa built in. It is not technically a clock radio, but it does stream music and radio stations from the internet, and Alexa's alarms will wake you or tell you a bedtime story.

The black box looks good on a nightstand, and it also has a USB port to charge your phone.


Apple HomePod $349

Gadget brings Siri to home speaker

Apple has finally brought Siri to a home speaker. The HomePod is substantial with really good sound and the ability to do multiroom audio quite easily. HomePod responds to whispers, even when the music is playing loudly. It is a perfect gift for Apple Music customers.


Google Home Max $399.99

Premium speaker offers nice sound

This is the premium speaker of the Google Home line — a great option for music lovers with dual woofers and custom tweeters. Far field microphones enable the Max to hear commands even when the music is cranked up.