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The Twins' road prowess will be put to the test post-break. Their first six games away from Target Field are against the two best teams in baseball: the Astros (60-29) and Dodgers (61-29).

Watch This

Speaking of which, did you miss baseball? It was only gone for a few days, but maybe it felt like more. Welcome it back with a warm embrace when the Twins face Houston (7:10 p.m. FSN ).

Random Fandom

"If the Twins are serious about trying to compete in the next couple years, they can't trade Santana. They simply don't have enough pitching in the pipeline to trade a reliable major league starter. That's what happens when you go years without developing good starting pitching."

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"Joke's on them ... he's actually scouting for @XavierRhodes29_ and @terencenewman."

— From the Vikings' official Twitter account, in response to a photo posted by the Redskins of Randy Moss working out with Washington receivers.