How kind have the Detroit Lions been to Vikings head coaches over the years?

Well, let's put it this way:

Les Steckel was a .500 coach (1-1) against Detroit.

Or this way:

Mike Tice was a 1.000 coach (8-0) against Detroit.

Only Norm Van Brocklin, the team's first coach, struggled against Detroit. Of course, he coached from 1961-66, when the Vikings were struggling and the Lions were actually a feared opponent. Van Brocklin lost his first five games against the Lions and finished 3-8-1.

Then a guy from Canada came down and slapped Detroit around for a couple of decades. Bud Grant was 26-8-1 against Detroit.

The other head coaches and their records against Detroit: Jerry Burns (8-4), Dennis Green (12-8), Brad Childress (8-1) and current coach Leslie Frazier, who lost his only game against Detroit as an interim coach in last year's season finale.

Frazier not only was hamstrung by being an interim coach. Like Van Brocklin 51 years ago, Frazier is coaching the Vikings at a point when they're the ones in building mode and the Lions are the better team. Frazier's first home game against Detroit is Sunday.