The People have spoken. And The People (that's you) love offense.

Four of the top five greatest Vikings players ever, Star Tribune readers decided, were offensive skill-position players, including all-time No. 1 Fran Tarkenton, a quarterback in purple for 13 of his 18 Hall of Fame seasons.

Over 5,000 greatest Vikings top-10 lists were submitted in January when sports editors asked for Star Tribune reader opinions. With Randy Moss potentially getting a Hall of Fame nod on Super Bowl Eve, we decided it was a good time to ask: Who are the 10 greatest Vikings players ever?

Tarkenton was the best, the readers' votes said, edging out Alan Page, the only defensive player in their top five. A dozen Star Tribune journalists also made top-10 lists, and Page was No. 1 in their cumulative voting.

Rounding out the top five for readers: Moss, Cris Carter and Adrian Peterson. Readers remember, it appears, who scored all those touchdowns in their favorite games.

Take a look at the charts on this page to see how the two cumulative top 10 lists compare, and go to to read the full greatest Vikings project.

Chris Carr

Readers' Top 10

1. Fran Tarkenton

2. Alan Page

3. Randy Moss

4. Cris Carter

5. Adrian Peterson

6. Carl Eller

7. John Randle

8. Randall McDaniel

9. Jim Marshall

10. Paul Krause

Next five: Chris Doleman, Joey Browner, Ron Yary, Mick Tingelhoff, Matt Blair.

Writers' and Editors' Top 10

1. Alan Page

2. Randall McDaniel

3. Randy Moss

4. Fran Tarkenton

5. Carl Eller

6. Mick Tingelhoff

7. Adrian Peterson

8. Cris Carter

9. John Randle

10. Ron Yary

Next five: Paul Krause, Jim Marshall, Joey Browner, Chris Doleman, Gary Zimmerman.