A fourth person was charged Wednesday in the fatal shooting of a Minnetonka High School student in St. Paul Sunday.

Vincent R. Harris, 29, of St. Paul, was charged in Ramsey County District Court with one count each of second-degree murder with intent, second-degree murder without intent and one count of first-degree aggravated robbery.

Harris was arrested Monday. He allegedly first told police he didn’t know that a man he was with was going to rob some girls in a car, but then later admitted that he was aware of the robbery plan.

Christopher R. Calloway, 32, of South St. Paul; Kalisa C. Smith, 29, of South St. Paul, and Davonte Bobo, 24, of West St. Paul were charged Tuesday with the same counts.

Harris’ criminal record includes several convictions for domestic assault and convictions for assault, giving police a false name and drug possession.

Authorities in Dakota County issued an arrest warrant for Harris on Sept. 15 for violating an order for protection that was active through 2018. He was charged the previous day after he allegedly called the protected party in June while he was in custody at the Dakota County jail.

Harris e-mailed the protected party on June 17 and called the woman four times, three of those times from a different inmate’s phone account, according to the criminal complaint.

A second warrant was issued for his arrest the day after Burnette was killed after he missed a court hearing Monday morning in a criminal case in Morrison County involving the same woman.

Harris pleaded guilty in June to third-degree assault for punching a Dakota County jail inmate and leaving a hole in the man’s upper lip. He was sentenced on June 23 to 1 3/4 years in prison, but that was stayed for three years. He was released that same day to supervised probation in Dakota County.

According to the complaints filed against the suspects in the Burnette case: Burnette, her sister Brittany Rock, Smith and another woman were driving around and drinking Sunday. Rock was driving, and Smith was in the front passenger seat. Burnette was asleep in the back seat with the other friend.

Smith said she had to meet someone, so they drove to an alley in the 700 block of Sims Avenue about 7 a.m. and Smith left the car. A man jumped in the front passenger seat, pulled a gun and pointed it at Rock.

Another man approached the rear passenger window, the charges said.

“Give me everything,” the man in the front said.

Rock said she didn’t have anything. The man grabbed her phone and pistol-whipped her in the head. The friend in the back seat told the man she didn’t have anything either. Burnette began to wake up.

“(Smith) admitted that she knew Calloway was going to rob the girls,” the charges said. “Smith said she saw Calloway poking Rock with a gun. She saw Burnette hit Calloway with a bottle. Calloway then shot her.”

Smith allegedly told police that Calloway had asked her if the women in the car had money, and she said that they did. He talked about taking their money, and “Smith said she didn’t agree with it, but it was what he was going to do,” the charges said.

Police arrested Calloway and Smith the day of the killing. According to the charges, Smith called police on Calloway later that morning for a domestic assault, identifying him as a boyfriend.

Bobo was arrested Monday and allegedly told police that he, Calloway and Harris were at his uncle’s house when Smith called or texted Calloway around 4 a.m. and said she was with three girls who had money and that “Smith asked them to rob the girls.”

According to the charges, Bobo said he and Calloway had guns, and that Harris was not armed. All three approached the car. Bobo walked up to the rear passenger door while Calloway got into the front passenger seat.

“All of a sudden, Calloway started shooting and when that happened Bobo’s gun just went off,” said the charges against Bobo. “Bobo thought Calloway shot twice and that he shot once.”

Rock and the friend fled the car, and Smith allegedly drove away with Calloway in the front seat. Burnette was left on the ground in the alley. Rock said in an interview Monday that her sister died in her arms.

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