Blast from the past: Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Magers in 1992 (KARE)

Paul Magers, the longtime KARE anchor who went on to make his mark in Los Angeles, has announced his retirement.

In a video tribute (posted below), Magers said he had taken time off in recent weeks to be treated for alcoholism.

"I got help. And I needed help," he said.

Magers, 63, left to anchor the late-night news at the CBS affiliate in LA 13 years ago and watched the ratings increase considerably during his tenure.

“By retiring now while I’m relatively young and healthy, I look forward to doing all the things with family and friends that are hard to schedule when you have a full-time job that includes odd hours,” Magers said in a statement. “I definitely won’t miss putting on a suit, tie and make-up, except on Halloween. And I am excited to now have the time to pursue my longtime passion, amateur puppeteering.”

It's that sarcastic wit that helped make Magers a favorite during a 20-year stretch at KARE. He had started his career at KSTP and attended Hamline University School of Law.


KCBS general manager Steve Mauldin called Magers "a special individual, not only as a news anchor, but also as a friend and colleague to everyone who has had the pleasure of knowing him,” according to Deadline Hollywood. “He’s been a bright light in our newsroom as a rock-solid journalist and, when appropriate, someone who could deliver a well-timed joke. While we wish he were staying with us, we respect the decision he has made and look forward to giving him the warm sendoff he deserves.”