In these tough economic times, everything's for sale -- even a skyway.

And since you can't put a for-sale sign on a skyway, a Minneapolis architecture firm turned to Craigslist to entice a potential owner for the 1,380-square-foot structure, which used to span S. 5th Street in downtown Minneapolis.

"It's such a symbol of the Twin Cities landscape," said Christian Dean, partner at the firm CITYDESKSTUDIO. The firm is seeking $79,500 for the structure.

The skyway was built in the late 1970s and designed by Minneapolis architect Ed Baker, who also worked on the IDS building. It once connected the former Powers and JC Penney department stores, but was taken down when the Hiawatha light-rail line was built.

Building a comparable new skyway today would cost about $1 million, the architecture firm estimated; the steel alone is worth more than $250,000, it said.

The Craigslist posting lists a number of uses that the architecture firm dreamed up, including a cabin, wine bar, yoga studio or park building.

The firm has had inquiries from resort owners and private individuals who wanted to use the urban structure as a way to connect with nature, Dean said.

"As a creative architecture firm, we're trying to encourage people to see beyond its obvious potential as a bridge," he said.

Any potential buyer must be prepared to pay cash for the skyway and move it from its current location near the University of Minnesota.

If you are interested in the skyway, call CITYDESKSTUDIO at 612-872-2398 or visit