Q I can't get my snowblower to work after it was used in the Christmas Eve snowstorm that turned into rain. Did blowing that slush have anything to do with it?

A Yes, "we saw a real high incidence of machines frozen up after that, " said Derrick Wood, with Cedar Small Engine in Minneapolis. "Water gets into the machine and freezes there."

In a single-stage snowblower, if you can't pull the rope, the recoil starter is frozen. If you can pull the rope, but it still doesn't start, then it could be that the carburetor is frozen. Bring it in and thaw it out and it might work again, he said.

You can blow wet snow and slush, Wood said, but you just have to be careful. Let a single-stage machine run for a couple of minutes when you're done to let the heat of the motor dry it out .

When you're done using a two-stage machine, be sure to sweep the snow out of the housing and make sure there is no snow or slush in there to freeze.

Remember when dealing with a snow blower:

• Turn it off and remove the key before trying to clean the machine or clear a clog. Use a stick or broom; NEVER use your hand or foot.

• Always start and run your snow blower in a well-ventilated area to avoid carbon monoxide exposure.

• Gas inside a snow blower is usually good for only about 30 days with the addition of a fuel stabilizer.

Recycle Styrofoam

Q What is one supposed to do with Styrofoam? I have a pickup truck full of rigid foam packaging from some equipment I bought; what am I supposed to do with it?

A Recycle it. The City of Coon Rapids recycles certain types of Styrofoam, especially if used in packaging appliances and TVs. The program is available to anyone, not just residents. The Coon Rapids Recycling Center is at 1831 111th Av. NW., one block east of Hanson Boulevard, at the city's public works garage complex. For more information, call 763-767-6485.

Companies that take packing foam include:

• Poly Foam Inc., 116 Pine St. S., Lester Prairie, Minn. (about 40 miles west of Minnetonka). Accepts clean, dry, white EPS packing foam only. Please call 952-445-4089 prior to delivery.

• Plymouth Foam, 13900 Industry Av., Becker, Minn. (1-800-759-3626). Accepts clean, dry, white EPS packing or insulation foam. No tape, dirt, etc. Call before delivery.

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