Today is Amazon Prime day, which means bargain hunters who have Amazon's shipping/streaming service can score some pretty good deals.

This is a good rundown of where to look for the very best deals regardless of item type.

But if you're more sports-minded, I've located what I consider five pretty good ones. Some of the deals expire by around 3 p.m., while others last the duration of the day.

Yoga ball: As someone who has searched for good deals on yoga balls (seriously, for my wife), I can testify that $14.36 (and free shipping with Prime) is a good price for what looks to be a good quality product. And they'll bring it right to your house. What a country!

Hydration backpack: I've never used one of these, but I probably should. In fact, it's pretty silly given how much I run outside in the intense heat that I don't have a backpack that can hold 70 ounces of liquid. I've physically carried a 32-ounce water bottle with me, which looks ridiculous. For 13 bucks, I could just wear my water. The more you drink, the lighter your load gets. Fill it with water. Fill it with a sports drink. Fill it with beer. It's your life.

*Inflatable boat: I didn't even know I wanted an inflatable boat until I found out I could get one for $100. They look to be $50-70 more expensive outside of this deal.

Youth basketball hoop: For $41, you can have a hoop that adjusts between the 5.5 feet and 7.5 feet off the ground. Put it on the lowest setting and let your small kids make baskets. Put it on the highest setting and invite your friends over for a dunk contest (people also bought: ice packs for the inevitable hamstring pull).

Boxing gloves: It's just kind of nice to have a pair (or two, if you are planning on starting your own backyard Fight Club). The pair in question are $34.99 pretty much everywhere I looked, but today they're $21. No time like the present.