Sitting in overgrown gardens, mixed in with beauty products and now even infused into water, crystals are rocking the beauty and wellness world. Not just used as trendy accessories, crystals are believed by many people to hold healing powers that can benefit both spirit and skin.

“People are looking for ways to stay calm and peaceful,” said Jennifer Salness, owner of Crystalline Light, an online crystal shop ( “People are really kind of starting to open up to all of these new things and I think the minerals are here to teach us and help support us.”

Celebrities love crystals, too. Adele keeps crystals with her before performances, even citing losing her crystals as the reason behind an off-pitch performance at the 2016 Grammys. Katy Perry carries rose quartz crystal for love. Gwenyth Paltrow’s lifestyle company Goop sells jade eggs and amethyst water bottles.

Crystal culture dates back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians are said to have anointed tombs with turquoise and topaz and made makeup with lapis lazuli. Chinese cultures associate crystals with “chi” life-energy and the Buddhist concept of chakras, focal points on the body said to be connected to spiritual and physical elements.

The New Age trend, originating in the 1970s, focused on mind, body and spirit as a means of alternative medicine and healing. Crystals were used to “heal” by working with the body’s energy flow to promote positive energy while removing the negative or harmful.

But don’t be quick to swap your aspirin for amethyst.

“They don’t necessarily heal us,” Salness said. “It just helps us remember what we already have within us.”

Crystals are more akin to grounding devices, like zen sand gardens or the popular fidget spinner, said to help reduce anxiety. “It’s all about balance,” Salness said. “Sometimes it’s just a subtle knowing of feeling the energy of it.”

From office decor to dazzling rings, here’s how to incorporate crystals into your daily routine, and where you can find them in the Twin Cities:

For the face: From bath salts to facemasks and gem-infused soaps, the beauty world has turned crystal crazy. Salness said there are a few ways to incorporate crystal energy into beauty products. Some contain finely ground crystal powder while others use crystal essence much like flower essence, soaking the gems in water to extract their energy. You can find body sprays mixed with black tourmaline or fluorite essence at the Future in Minneapolis (

Around the neck: Show off the gems’ natural beauty and adorn yourself with crystal jewelry to promote beauty both inside and out. You can get kyanite necklaces or crystal cuff bracelets at Larissa Loden Jewelry in Minneapolis (

On the go: Glammed-up, crystal-infused water bottles, which typically include stones secured to the bottom, are said to imbue the water with the crystal’s energy. You can check out quartz-infused water bottles at Namasté Gifts and Healing in Duluth (

At the office: Stressed at work? Crystal proponents believe that keeping some black tourmaline stones at your desk will block negative energy and limit electromagnetic fields from the computer screen. You can find them at Eye of Horus Metaphysical in Minneapolis (

In the garden: Spruce up your outdoor space with natural crystals and stones. The crystal amethyst is known for its purple hue and as a protective stone that creates a shield for its surroundings. Amethyst near your back door or windows is said to guard against intruders or negative energy. Find amethyst and other outdoor stones at Enchanted Rock Garden in Richfield (