The signature feature of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium is in place, partially working and visible to anyone passing by in the coming weeks.

All five hydraulic, pivoting glass doors on the stadium’s west side have been installed. The largest of the doors will remain open through the week so workers can install the final seals, said Jenn Hathaway, spokeswoman for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MSFA).

The biggest door, which is 50 feet by 95 feet, was opened Saturday to begin the work. The open door is clearly visible from the street.

Under the management of Mortenson Construction, the $1.1 billion project continues to proceed on schedule. The building is on track to open for the first Vikings preseason game in August.

By the end of January, the project will be 90 percent complete. The milestones are rapidly going by. The roof is complete. All the purple seats will be in the building by the end of March. A major concert, country singer Luke Bryan, is booked to play the stadium in August and monster truck rallies are in the works.

The doors, on the glassy west side of the building with the 270-foot-high prow, get progressively smaller. The process of installing the seals on them will be done door by door with only one being open at a time. On Monday the second largest door will be opened for the same seal installation.

When they’re complete and functioning, the glass doors will open toward stadium plaza, the location of the Viking ship featuring the personalized pavers purchased by fans, and downtown Minneapolis.

Later, when all five doors are working and the weather is warmer, Hathaway said there will be a ceremonial sequential opening of the doors.

The unusual building has been an online star worldwide with live construction cameras positioned from multiple vantage points. The stadium is on the site of the former Metrodome, but it is nearly double the size of the old building.


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