First Avenue comes alive at the Minnesota History Center

The Minnesota History Center is opening a First Avenue exhibit that captures nearly 50 years of Minnesota music history. 


The Prince exhibit.
A replica of the wall outside of First Avenue.
A light board built by First Avenue employee Don Rice that could "play" the lights the in the room by pressing different keyboard keys.
A replica of the disco dance floor at Uncle Sam's, the original name of the club.
Calendars through the years at First Avenue.
An exhibit of photographs of current artists on display.
"Mountain" the touring van used by Doomtree.
Minnesota History Center employees watch a short documentary.
Drums used by HŸsker DŸ's Grant Hart.
Chuck Taylors worn by Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller.
Prince's outfit worn in "Purple Rain" is part of the Prince exhibit.
Replica of the 7th St. Entry.
A replica of Steve McClellan's office.
A cash register used at First Avenue until the 1990s.
A collection of hotel keys acquired by Replacements drummer Chris Mars.
The green room area, which features band posters and photos of the green room at First Avenue.
The entrance to the exhibit.