Two Linwood firefighters were assaulted Wednesday evening by an armed man who set a home in Linwood on fire and climbed up on its roof even as it began to collapse beneath him, authorities said.

The man had blunt objects in both hands as he approached and then struck the firefighters, who had just put out a fire in an RV at the home, where the man is believed to have lived, according to the Anoka County Sheriff's Office.

"The individual was acting in an erratic manner, climbing onto the roof of the burning home and arming himself with a knife," said Cmdr. Paul Sommer. The man refused to drop his knife until deputies fired bean-bag rounds at him.

He eventually jumped off the roof and tried to escape but was captured. He was taken to the hospital for evaluation and was expected to be booked into the Anoka County jail on suspicion of assault and arson.

Sommer said the man is believed to own the home, which is in the 5900 block of 213th Lane NE.