We hate you, ‘Walking Dead’

Well, it’s time for another masochistic episode of “The Walking Dead.” Can anything be worse than last Sunday? Nope, and we’re still reeling. You know what’s helped us along the way, though? Twitter. Following that sadistic hour of terribleness, Twitter became a cathartic bastion for sobbing fans.

Suffice it to say: Spoilers coming at ’cha like a rusty knife to a zombie’s head.

So, yeah, two fan favorites died horrible deaths. First, Abraham was bludgeoned to death by the series’ new villain, Negan. Then that bat-wielding monster killed Glenn (Steven Yeun). And we lost it!

Here are three tweets that sum up our emotions ... and how frightened we are about going into Sunday’s follow-up episode.

“What I’ve learned today is that it took seven seasons for many viewers to realize that #TheWalkingDead is a mean show.” — @FreddyInSpace

“Very bad decision to watch #TheWalkingDead. Officially traumatised.” — @mrdanwalker

“Please excuse me today for I had two deaths in the family.” — @Negasonicmom

Good luck tonight, people.

Tom Horgen