MNKINO Film Score Fest

Thursday: As summer heads into the final lap, it seems there's a free movies-and-music event practically every night in the Twin Cities. But this one is unique — and you don't need to bring bug spray. MNKINO is a six-year-old organization that bills itself as an "excuse for anyone to make a film, and to meet others who like doing the same." To that end, it pairs filmmakers with composers once a year to create shorts that are screened with an orchestra playing the scores live. This year, 20 teams partnered up. See — and hear — what they accomplished in a one-night event at St. Paul's venerable Landmark Center. And check out if you, too, need an excuse to make a film. (7 p.m. Thu., Aug. 13, Landmark Center, 75 W. 5th St., St. Paul. Free.)