How big can the field grow?

There are now 25 26 major party candidates in the race for governor, after a wannabe changed his registration from Green to Republican.

Peter Roess, who is now a Republican candidate, is familiar with party switches. Back in March 2008, he filed with the state campaign finance board as a Green party candidate, last summer he switched to "other" and his party affiliation read "unclassified conservative," by August he was a DFLer but by November updated his classification to become a Green. This year, he apparently thought better of his greenness and switched his registration to become a Republican.

But don't get too comfortable with 25 26 as the number of candidates.

Peter Idusogie sent over a press release Tuesday saying he will announce he is running for governor on Wednesday.  Idusogie ran for congress in 2004 and 2008 in the south suburban second district and he ran as an independent for the U.S. Senate in 2006.

Unless folks drop out Tuesday night after caucus straw poll results are in, Idusogie will bring the number of DFL, Republican and Independence Party candidates up to 26. 27.


According to the campaign finance board listing, there are now 26 DFL, Republican and IP candidates. I missed one in an earlier version of this posting. 

Idusogie will make 27.

The numbers are now fixed.




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