Indiana coach Lin Dunn said the Fever have to rebound better in Game 2 and guard Seimone Augustus better.

“We got beaten on the boards 38-30," Dunn said on Monday afternoon. "I thought there was a time we were staying fairly even, and then it seemed in the latter parts of the second half they just got three or four offensive rebounds in a row.

"I don’t know if we got fatigued because we played a lot of minutes, but I thought those rebounds could have ended up biting us. We have to do a better job there. We don’t have to win the boards, but we need to be closer, so that is one area."

Augustus led the Lynx with 23 points, but only had one in the fourth quarter when the Fever outscored the Lynx 20-12.

"There were times where Seimone Augustus got loose on us and got some good looks that we didn’t really want her to get.," Dunn said. "Those two things immediately come to my mind.”

But overall, she is happy with Indiana's run in the playoffs.

“We’re kind of peaking at the right time," Dunn said. "We’ve worked hard in the first training camp, we’ve worked hard in the Olympic training camp that we had again and then a lot of our players have gotten quality minutes because we’ve had injuries.

"With [Jeanette] Pohlen and Erin Phillips and [Shavonte] Zellous and [Erlana] Larkins and all them having to step in and play quality minutes during the season, that is really paying off for us in the postseason.”