For a guy who hasn't taken a professional snap under center in five years, Brett Favre is hard to miss these days. He's in commercials from jeans to shaving, just had 65,000+ fans in Green Bay (many who said they'd never cheer for him again) buy tickets to watch his Packers Hall of Fame induction on a screen and Wednesday night went on Fox News' "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren."

In that 4-minute interview, Favre was asked for his comments on Tom Brady and "deflategate."

Favre said he hasn't followed the news fully but basically defended Brady, who has officially appealed his four-game suspension.

"I don't think in any stretch, in my opinion, that Tom was cheating and it sounds crazy but historically there's been stealing of signs and that goes to baseball and football." Favre said. "Whatever advantage you could get, Lester Hayes putting the Stickum on his arms for the Raiders and pine tar. It's just endless the advantages that players would try to get. And I don't know if Tom would say he's completed more passes because of it. I think more than anything, it helped with the great based on condition. Not every game. Would other players do it? Sure, I have no reason to think otherwise."

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more on the appearance here.

You can watch the interview below.

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