Some camping adults refine their "essentials" list over time. Take adult beverages. "My camping beers used to be an afterthought. But with a myriad of great local breweries all over the state, it's easier than ever to find your perfect camping companion in the land of 10,000 beers," said Joseph Alton, editor of The Growler, a Minnesota magazine. Some of his favorites:

Bent Paddle 14° ESB: A strong bitter with malt and hops in proper harmony. It also won multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival. (ABV: 5.6 percent, year-round, brewed in Duluth)

Utepils Pils: An impressive early offering from the new kids on the block. Utelpils is Norwegian for outdoors lager, by the way. (ABV: 5 percent, year-round, Minneapolis)

Castle Danger Ode IPA: It features Citra, Azacca, Amarillo and Centennial hops, a sonnet to the style of India pale ale. (ABV: 7 percent, year-round, Two Harbors)

Forager Sherpa's Survival Kit: A smooth, complex stout with its notes of cocoa, coffee, and a rich array of specialty malts. Pairs well with a campfire. (ABV: 9.3 percent, Rochester)

Modist Brewing First Call: It wouldn't be camping without coffee — or morning beers. Described as "a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, inside a coffee bean, inside a lager," this beer is as weird as the guys who make it. (ABV: 6.5 percent, year-round, Minneapolis)

Mackenzie Lobby Havey

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