The parallel is this: If Kirk Cousins doesn't wind up in Minnesota, will the Vikings face the same wrath for not getting the quarterback as did the Twins for not getting Yu Darvish?

In truth, the Vikings should face much more. The Twins were always long shots for Darvish. The usual sources have started to describe the Vikings as the favorites to sign Cousins.

Question, Vikings fans:

Are you going to be upset at the Wilfs, Spielman and everybody else in those plush new digs in Eagan if the Vikings don't get Cousins, as the Twins' critics have been about not getting Darvish?

Yes, and then some. Darvish could have increased the Twins' chances to once again be the fifth- best team in the American League. Cousins would make the Vikings at least the equal of Philadelphia as the best team in the NFC.

Get it done, Purple, or Zygi and his family must become the "cheap Wilfs.''