Family members on Wednesday identified the man who was shot and killed by law enforcement during an effort to arrest him in the East Grand Forks area.

Lucas P. Gilbertson, 42, was shot midday Tuesday in Rhinehart Township, said his aunt Jane Gilbertson.

Polk County sheriff's deputies and East Grand Forks police arrived at the home in the 19100 block of SW. 445th Avenue with a warrant to arrest him, the Sheriff's Office said.

However, he left the home, then returned and was followed by officers, the Sheriff's Office statement continued.

Moments later, an officer shot Gilbertson, who was taken by ambulance to Altru Hospital in Grand Forks, where he died, a spokesperson for the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) confirmed.

Neither the Sheriff's Office nor the BCA specified which agency employs the officer who shot the man or what prompted the officer to shoot.

The BCA is leading the investigation into whether the officer's actions were justified.

Jane Gilbertson told the Star Tribune that her nephew was shot at his mother's house.

She said a surgeon at Altru told the family that he was shot once in the front of his body and three times in the back.

"They need to be held to account," Jane Gilbertson said in reference to law enforcement.

Lucas Gilbertson's wife, Kari Rivard, said he "struggled with addiction … yet he remained a remarkably affectionate, charismatic and caring individual."

Rivard had harsh words for the Sheriff's Office and their pursuit of her husband, adding, "Tragically, instead of the intended outcome [Tuesday], they succeeded in taking his life in front of his grieving mother."

A younger brother of Gilbertson's, Ian Romuld, said the two of them worked as brick masons together and were "very close. We fished, we hunted. We did it all."

He said they talked about a week ago, and "he seemed in really good spirits. I had a really good talk with him."

Court records show Gilbertson has been the subject of numerous arrest warrants for missing hearings stemming from a felony theft case. During one attempt in October to arrest Gilbertson at his home, he threw furniture at Sheriff James Tadman and escaped capture.

A warrant was issued for his arrest in July after he failed to appear for a court hearing concerning charges filed in June 2022 in Polk County District Court alleging a string of felonies involving thefts and burglary.

The charges spell out five burglaries during the spring, alleging Gilbertson targeted a shop on farm property, a construction site and a farmstead, and stole fuel from trucks and a deer stand. A law enforcement search of his home turned up several of the stolen items.

On Oct. 10, the law enforcement went to his home in the 4500 block of W. Center Street with a warrant after he had missed a string of hearings connected to the theft case, according to a prosecution filing seeking to have the court forfeit his bail.

Gilbertson "threw a large mirror down the stairs and struck Sheriff James Tadman in the head with it," the prosecution document read. "[Gilbertson] also kicked a large dresser down the stairs and almost struck Sheriff Tadman with it. The defendant then broke out and escaped through a second-story window."

Court records show Gilbertson has a long history of defying law enforcement. He's been convicted three times for fleeing police along with other convictions for forgery, illegal weapons possession, illicit drugs, burglary and domestic assault.