In the late '70s my husband and I bought a fly-in fishing camp, Tang of the North Lodge, in northwest Ontario. Our boys were just 2½ years old and 8 months the first season we operated the camp. We spent ours summers there for almost 25 years, so they grew up at camp. They learned to run a motor, navigate the lake on their own, and fish. They also learned how to entertain themselves and how to spend quiet time alone.

Admittedly, as they got out of school, life got busy and going to the lake was not at the top of their lists. But when the Star Tribune ran an article with the new owners, complete with photos, both boys called to tell us because they recognized the rock formations in the pictures.

When we sold the camp in 2002, we kept one cabin that we had built. Being at camp is a wonderful way to get away from the world. There are whole weeks we are the only ones on the lake! It's a place to experience total dark and utter silence. Now that they have families of their own, our sons are anxious to share their experiences with their children and are spending more time at the cabin. The grandkids are now in their teens, so our sons built a "bunkie" to give us all more room. The view is incredible, and so is the company. We're all itching to get back this year. We missed last summer with the border closed.

Barb Penttila, East Bethel, Minn.