When the sun sets and kids are still full of energy, try these after-dark activities:

• Look for fireflies. Study captured fireflies in a jar (with a vented lid) or screen cage, and let them go in the morning.

• Take a short hike. Use headlamps to light the way, and try to identify sounds in the dark.

• Play catch with glow-in-the-dark balls or Frisbees, but keep them away from the campfire.

• Play an old-fashioned game of cards. (Waterproof decks are helpful.)

• Amp-up campfire fun with alternative s'mores (sandwich marshmallows between cookies or peanut butter slathered apple slices and bananas), make fruity or cheesy pocket sandwiches with pie irons, or try changing the look of your flames with additives. Be safe.

Lisa Meyers McClintick

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