I am an early decorator — and fall is my favorite season. However, I understand some people may want to wait until the weather drops below 80 to fully indulge, which is why I want to share three quick tips for falling into fall — without having to fully commit to the season.

1. Switch out accents.

Change up florals and greenery, such as swapping vibrant sunflowers for fall sunflowers with a dusty hue. Switch bright green boxwoods for cranberry boxwood sprays to bring in warmer tones. I incorporate acorn branches and wheat to my displays to bring in hints of fall without going straight to fall leaves.

2. Refresh vignettes.

Since we are easing into a new season, there is no need for a complete overhaul. Start by playing with smaller vignettes and mantles. Warm metals are versatile materials to mix into your displays for a transitional look. I also pop a few whimsical items into my groupings such as owl figurines, glass pumpkins and perhaps a squirrel or two, to take a bookshelf or tray display into fall without bombarding your space with seasonal decor.

3. Revamp textiles.

I use plaid fabrics year-round, but I consider fall and winter the official plaid seasons. From pillows and throws to tabletop accessories, festive textiles always have a place.


Katie Laughridge owns Nell Hill’s home decor store in Kansas City, Mo.