With Fairbanks in their sights, the "three old guys" who departed Grand Rapids, Minn., on March 6 on snowmobiles are hoping to reach their Alaska destination by Tuesday or possibly Wednesday.

When they do, they will have ridden more than 5,000 miles.

Rob Hallstrom, a retired electrician from Park Rapids, Minn., Rex Hibbert, a farmer and rancher from Soda Springs, Idaho, and Paul Dick, a retired beer distributor from Grand Rapids, Minn., are 65, 70 and 72 years young, respectively. Each is an experienced long-distance snowmobile racer, but none had traveled more than 3,000 miles previously in a single trip.

The men are riding Arctic Cat Norseman 8000X sleds, and are staying in hotels, vacant cabins, a tent and with local Canadians along the way.

On Thursday they reached Inuvik, Northwest Territories, after traveling north on the rugged, snow-packed Mackenzie River. The trio befriended a local man in Inuvik, who volunteered to drive them 100 miles each way to the village of Tuk, so the men could see the (very frozen) Arctic Ocean.

Upon reaching Fairbanks, the men will have spent nearly 30 days on their machines, which Arctic Cat will ship back to Minnesota.

Due to hazards encountered on the journey, the entirety of which can be followed on Facebook, the three men are over budget. A buymeacoffee account has been set up for people who want to help with food, lodging, gas or other expenses.