Fair from the Sky

You can take the SkyGlider or the Great Big Wheel and get a quieter overview of the fair, and our photographer takes you there in today's photo essay. Soar over the crowds, the noise and the bacon smoke with a bird's-eye view of this whole big party, from the riding mowers to Melvin the Wacky Wheeler. 


Rob Summerbell, also know as Melvin the Wacky Wheeler, performed during the Minnesota State Fair’s daily parade along Randall Avenue.
The view of downtown Minneapolis and the midway from the Space tower.
From left, Ilona Carlson, of Austin, Texas, her sister Emma Carlson, of Duluth, and Solie Stegeman, of Shoreview, took a ride on the Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster Thursday night at the midway.
The view from the SkyGlider: Fairgoers tried out the riding mowers on display.
Fairgoers took a ride on the Sky Glider Saturday afternoon with the Great Big Wheel behind them.
Fairgoers took a ride on the Sky Flyer on the midway.
The lights and colors of the midway, as seen from the Sky Flyer.
Umbrellas popped up on a rainy fair day near the grandstand.
A blur of fairgoers on the move near the grandstand.
The Sky Flyer sent fairgoers flying below the clouds.
Andrew Gasperlin and Zoe Knutson-Kolodzne, both seniors at St. Cloud Apollo, shared a bucket of Sweet Martha's Cookies.
Fairgoers took a ride on the SkyGlider past the Great Big Wheel.
Fairgoers took a ride on the SkyGlider, their feet swinging free over the crowds below.