The Timberwolves are among several teams that have talked to New York about acquiring point guard Derrick Rose before Thursday’s trade deadline, reported Monday night.

Rose played for Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau in Chicago for five seasons, and his contract with this season’s $21.3 million salary expires this summer.

The Wolves’ most likely trade piece in any deal before Thursday’s 2 p.m. Central deadline is point guard Ricky Rubio, whose agents tried to orchestrate a trade to New York when Rubio was drafted fifth overall in June 2009.

If obtained in a trade involving Rubio, Rose would be the starting point guard for the rest of the season before rookie Kris Dunn takes the starting job next season. If Rose is acquired for his expiring salary, the Wolves would clear an extra $29 million for the next two seasons off their salary cap.

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