Job: Recently graduated from college and is looking to go into television and radio production.

Annual earnings: Made $10,000 to $15,700 while working full time in college. Does not have a salary yet.

Education: Undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California.

Last major purchase: A $120 DVD player.

Next major purchase: Items and travel tickets associated with her job application process.

Smart money: Bought a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage last summer through a car rental place at about $4,000 below market rate.

Stupid money: "One time I got a $100 pass on tanning, and I used it only once" after reading up on the health risks of tanning booths.

Investments/savings plans: "When I get money, I try to put away at least 20 percent of it."

Travel advice: "I keep myself on different lists for preferred destinations so whenever those rates drop low, they'll notify me in my e-mail."

Se Young Lee