Whistleblower always appreciates getting email messages that promise to magically release millions of dollars hidden by deposed dictators or neglected in a Swiss bank account in exchange for a small fee from me. The infamous 419 scams most commonly associated with Nigeria have been around for years, even before the Internet made it so much easier to find victims. But this letter stood out to me in its canine appeal: a "completely free" Yorkie that actually costs $300.

I emailed "Rosalina Madrigales" but the email was undeliverable. Perhaps the puppy has already been shipped, complete with its travel crate and dog magazines.

Have you ever responded to one of these letters? Did you ever string the senders along? Or did you ever fall for one of their too-good-to-be-true offers?

Here's the letter:


Wishing you a happy new year as I hope this e-mail reaches you in a good manner. Actually, my name is Rosalina Madrigales and I am a retired surgeon formerly based in Dallas, Texas. The reason as to why you are receiving this e-mail is because me and my husband have decided to give out our Yorkie puppy for adoption completely free, we lost our only son 2 years back and after my husband got retired, we decided to worship God and assist towards Kingdom Works. We have successfully relocated to United Kingdom as we are presently located in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The Yorkie weighs 1.3 LBS at 9 weeks and should be a maximum of 3.00 LBS when fully grown. She is very friendly with Children and fits both palm of your hands, she has AKC/CERF registration, she is a female and completely Adorable, Sociable with great personalities and very good bloodlines. She is completely vet-checked, up to date on her shots and deforming and she has been given a great health guarantee. She was recently checked by a licensed Vet Doctor for heart, knees, skin, correct bite, and eyes and results came out clean. Bottom and straight sides, tender and cute looking. She will come along with a Travel Crate, AKC/CERF Registered Papers, Toys, Birth Certificate and also some Pedigree dog food.

She is completely sweet and well behaved as she has early Potty Training, she is lovable and healthy with no deforming. The only reason we are giving her out is because we do not have time to take care of her anymore and we have a lot of adults ( Church Choirs, Workers ) whom come to our house daily and we are scared of having her hurt as we can't stand to see her in any pain. I need you to promise me that you will take good care of her as she will be a new family member in which you shall NOT regret, our neighborhood is full of adults and most of them hardly have time for pets. If you know you won't take good care of her and will be too busy, please do NOT reply this e-mail. Only reply if you promise to take care of her..

We are willing to give her to you, if you agree to accept her into your family, care and love her, I will include all of the following

AKC Registration Papers
Travel Crate
Current vaccinations
Birth Certificate
Shot Book
Health Guarantee
Certificate of Good Health
Toys and Food
Several Dog Magazine's
We are willing to give you our yorkie for free. In order to have her delivered to your door step or the nearest Airport around you, it will cost you the sum of $300. She can be delivered any where in USA as it would only take about 3 to 4 days to have her delivered, for both our safety, I require that we use PayPal for payment. PayPal, you are able to reverse payment if you do not receive her. If you are interested, please reply me with your name, address, phone number and also let me know if PayPal is suitable for you.

Rosalina Madrigales.


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