Keith Tollefson


Minnesotans are woefully underrepresented on reality TV; that's usually a GOOD thing. I, for one, would have to move to North Dakota if "The Real Housewives of Burnsville" ever made it on the air. But "Survivor" is another matter. The godfather of reality TV kicks off its 23rd(!) season on Sept. 14 - and a Edina man will be among the 18 competitors.

Keith Tollefson, described by the network as a 26-year-old water treatment tech from Edina. In his video posting, Keith says that hunting, fishing and camping in Minnesota have prepared him to be a contender on "Survivor: South Pacific," which also includes infamous Russell Hantz nephew, a country music singer, a lingerie football player and two former castaways.

Tollefson also has an interesting back story: He was born with congenital heart block and is currently on his third pacemaker. To watch Keith's video, check out this link: