A Florida school's decision is making its way around parenting circles this fall. The school announced last week that parents are no longer allowed to dropoff forgotten items during the schoolday.

"Attention students and parents: We do not accept items for dropoff such as lunches, backpacks, homework, sports equipment. Please plan accordingly." Reads the sign outside the high school. Some parents are in a tizzy. Others are celebrating the relief of not having to be the rescuer anymore. And students everywhere are saying, "oh crap." Truly I think a sign like this would be a welcome relief. Just Monday night after telling my 9-year old to make sure he had everything for football, I learned he forgot his cleats at home. His cleats. The struggle was real as I internally battled what to do. Let the natural consequence occur, that he'd had to play the game in his regular shoes or turn back for home and hope we made it to the fields in time. He was more concerned about the fact that I told him he wouldn't be watching TV when we got home than either option. I don't remember my mother bringing things to school when I forgot them. But then again, the option to even contact her during the school day wasn't as easy back then. I've brought homework and lunches, shoes, snowpants and even entire backpacks for my kids. Each time shaking my head and swearing I won't be doing it again. I want my kids to learn responsibility yet I want to give them grace. Even I forget essentials on a near-daily basis. But is this swooping in to drop-off home work or lunches or sports equipment just another way for mom or dad to save the day? We've all read the horror stories of mom and dad trying to involve themselves in children's college classes and job interviews and beyond. Is it time for tough love and a natural consequence or two? Well, we turned around and grabbed my son's cleats before his game on Monday night. We were 8 minutes late to the pre-game practice, but he didn't seem to care. I'm not sure he would have cared had I made him play in his shoes though so clearly the decision to go home and get the cleats was more about MY need/desire to have him ready to go than his. What do you think? Do you frequently find yourself bringing forgotten items to school for your kids or do you make them do without? What would you think of a sign telling you not to bring anything?