Meteorologists are perpetually paranoid. What can possibly go wrong, and when? I'm sitting at lunch and my wife is on her phone, checking a weather app. "It says here we'll be just fine tomorrow at noon." Honey, I'm sitting right here. You could have asked me. "I know, but this is easier." Where is Rodney Dangerfield when you need him?

I have apps on my phone, too, but they use one weather model and interpolate forecasts, which isn't always the best solution. Will artificial intelligence take over weather, too? Maybe. The Luddite in me hopes that flesh and blood meteorologists will be able to provide storytelling, context and perspective that machines can't. We'll see.

Welcome back to February with "normal" highs in the low 30s today; 40s return for the weekend with upper 50s possible Monday, probably MSP's 14th day of 50-degree warmth since Dec. 1 — a new record.

Confidence levels this far out are low, but models hint at slushy possibilities next Wednesday. Don't write snow off just yet. Still too early.