Feeling cat-atonic?

If you enjoy internet cat videos, you'll fall in love with "Kedi" (⋆⋆⋆, unrated by the MPAA, in subtitled Turkish). This captivating documentary directed by Ceyda Torun focuses on an odd characteristic of Istanbul. Wherever you look in the city's ungentrified areas, you see countless felines. Several of those stray free spirits are at the center of the film, which moves gracefully from skateboard-level camerawork to aerial shots. The supporting players are the Turks who have unofficially adopted the independents, giving them names like Sari, Bengu, Deniz and Gamsiz. It's hard to say which part of the interspecies union derives more pleasure, the street cats that are fed and stroked lovingly or the humans who get to do the nurturing and petting. At 80 minutes, Torun's film feels a bit overlong, but it is as soft and warm as a kitten. (Uptown)