There's a new ride at Valleyfair, this one for thrill-seekers who want to dangle their feet 20 stories above the ground while spinning at 40 miles per hour.

It's called the "North Star" and it's ready for action when the Shakopee amusement park opens May 12.

Named after the region's great Up North with a nod to Minnesotans' love of the outdoors, the North Star is reminiscent of that carnival mainstay, the swings.

Riders sit in pairs on a chain-link swing on the 230-foot-tall ride, then soar 20 stories into the air, reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour. The tower then propels up and down.

The North Star is the park's first ride of its kind and the second tallest ride at Valleyfair, behind the 275-foot Power Tower. The ride replaces Valleyfair's recently closed Enterprise, which was retired after 38 years.