'Dirty Grandpa' and 'The Boy'

"Raging Bull." "Taxi Driver." "Goodfellas." Robert De Niro's cinematic legacy is set in stone. But wow if he isn't trying to smash that glorious filmography to smithereens. Did you know he starred in a 2013 action yarn called "Killing Season" (with John Travolta) that made $39,000 at the box office? Or how about "Freelancers" in 2012 with 50 Cent (it was released in only two cities)? And then there's the more recent "The Intern," "Grudge Match" and "Last Vegas." Bobby, what are you doing? Now comes "Dirty Grandpa," a goofy road-trip movie with Zac Efron that wasn't screened for critics (and probably for good reason). Every couple of years, David O. Russell will pluck De Niro from these sad comedies and D-list action movies for one of his prestige pictures (as he did with "Joy"). But maybe it'll take old buddy Martin Scorsese to return the actor's actor back to his past glory. In other movies-too-bad-for-press-screening news: "The Boy," a horror film about an evil-looking doll, also opens Friday. It stars "The Walking Dead's" Lauren Cohan, who's a nanny for a couple and their aforementioned creepy doll. Guess what? Really bad things happen. Probably not as bad as flesh-eating zombies, but pretty bad.