Sometimes trying to keep up on local sports, in particular girls basketball, can be difficult. It doesn't get much ink in the local papers and even less time on television broadcasts. I am always thrilled when you can find a source for local information that is up to date and timely. is just that place. and are both managed by Tony Geer. Both sites provide valuable information that is often hard to find. What is great about is that coaches are invited to submit stories and information about their own programs.
Tony can be spotted at most high school basketball games, Lynx games, Howard Pulley Summer league games, and Gopher basketball games. He is usually sporting a wacky t-shirt, some quick wit, and is known and recognized by coaches at all levels, as well as by media folk at all venues.
What is particularly impressive about Tony is his lifelong dedication to women's sports and his belief in helping young people break into sports journalism, a difficult career to get started in. Mike Peden a contributor on Community Hoops website is thankful for Tony's help in opening doors. "His website essentially gave me the opportunity to get experience covering a professional sports team. I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in journalism and have had a rough time finding a place to make use of my skills, so while I continue that search, the strings Tony pulled to get credentials for the Lynx this season paid off immensely."
Rene Pulley, who runs the Howard Pulley Summer league, spoke of Tony's commitment to women's basketball.
"Community Hoops is the official newsletter communications for the Howard Pulley League. He (Tony) has been a constant behind the scenes guy for Women's Basketball for the past two decades and it is time that he gets his just due for all the time and effort that he has put forth, most of which is/was volunteer."
Personally, I remember Tony as the guy who use to interview me in college. My teammates and I would refer to him as that guy who never missed a basketball game. Unfortunately, times are tough for Tony right now. He is homeless and jobless and has been diagnosed with depression. As he looks for a job Tony continues to push through each day unselfishly. As he works on updating Community Hoops website and video taping games he always is looking to open doors for others. Check out the sites.